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Which Pancake Light is Right For Your Home?

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There are a number of great choices for a pancake light, including BeveLED Mini(r) and Smoko’s Pancake. But which one is right for your home? Read on to learn about the best pancake light options available on the market today. Here’s our review of the BeveLED Mini(r) Pancake, the Amax Lighting Chimera Pancake, and more! Which pancake light is right for you?
BeveLED Mini(r) Pancake

The BeveLED Mini(r) PANCAKE is the thinnest, highest-powered recessed light fixture ever designed. Its 2.3″ depth makes it one of the thinnest, most versatile recessed lights ever created. The BevelLED Mini Light engine’s universal adjustability and USAI-patented design make it an ideal choice for recessed lighting applications. Listed in the USAI Tier 2 Basic Family, the BeveLED Mini Pancake has many features stacked in an affordable price.
Smoko’s Pancake

When you want to illuminate a room with a soft glow, the Smoko’s Pancake Light is the answer. The soft glow is just the right size for rooms of any size, and the pancake light is battery-operated, requiring only three AAA batteries. To use, just flip the pancake over and press the light button to turn it on. The light turns off automatically after an hour. Its unique design makes it a perfect gift for any home or office.
Amax Lighting’s Chimera Pancake

Amax Lighting’s Chimera Pannut Light is a versatile lighting option for many studio applications. It’s a quick, easy way to add light to any set, and they’re easy to set up and dismantle as well. It comes in two sizes, a Compact and a Standard, and you can also purchase a Chimera Pancake Lantern Kit. Each comes with a rotating head and sliding counterweight system to accommodate different-sized lights and boxes. It’s ideal for smaller studios, too, where space is at a premium.

The Chimera Pancake Lantern provides a soft, 180-degree light source. It measures 35″ in diameter and 17″ deep, and comes with a removable zipper panel skirt and touch-tab fasteners for adjustable height. The Chimera Pancake Lantern can be set up with Strobe Speed Ring or Video PRO to create a variety of different lighting effects. The light source is very flexible, and is perfect for shooting interior scenes.

A Chimera Triolet is another multi-tool lighting fixture. It comes with an attached cord and inline switch for flexibility in lighting configurations. It is compatible with Mogul, Tungsten, and Fluorescent bulbs, and supports Lantern Lightbanks. Another great feature is the fully exposed bulb design. The Chimera Pancake Light features a practical fixture alternative that can be hung from a ceiling or used as a desk lamp.